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If you are risk-averse but also want the high returns associated with this industry, this fund is for you.

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by PopuliCapital
BLUE MAGIC – Extreme fund ,

Most agressive fund of Blue Magic Capital. Pure speculation, hype game, market manipulation analysis & much more. Liked the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”? This is your fund 😉 Managed by FrankPM. Awesome.

by FrankPM
BLUE MAGIC – Dynamic fund ,

Performance fund, actively managed, trying to overcome the crypto market in any situation. Managed by FrankPM. The star of Blue Magic Capital. Awesome.

by FrankPM
BLUE MAGIC – Retirement fund ,

Conservative fund with a long term view. Fundamental analysis. Awesome.

by FrankPM
Prometheus Performance Fund by N.K.Narula

Aggressive investing with actionable intelligence.

by nknarula
Poseidon Performance Fund by N.K.Narula , Long term buy and hold fund for a buy low, sell high, on solid projects strategy. I do all the ...
by nknarula
ICONOMI.performance The ICONOMI.PERFORMANCE FUND will aim at high performance – multiplication of investment. As a CMF it will be actively managed ...
by DeadlyEskimo
ICONOMI.index , The ICONOMI.INDEX FUND will reflect the development of a credible cryptocurrency market. As a CTF fund it will be transparently ...
by DeadlyEskimo
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