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Mr.Narula obtained his Bachelor of Science in Physics from West Chester State University of Pennsylvania in 1992 where he held the role of President of Sigma Pi Sigma, the Physics Honor Society for his junior and senior years.After graduation, Mr.Narula started his professional career at ACS Software Services where he held the role as programmer for 2 years. It was after he made ground breaking modifications to the PICK Operating System that his talent for Systems Engineering was first displayed.Several years later, Neeraj moved on to head the Engineering department at ACS Software before assuming the position of Network Systems Administrator at International Envelope Company where he led the project team involved with moving the corporate headquarters from Swedesboro, New Jersey to Exton, Pennsylvania.Shortly after IEC’s offices were consolidated, he returned to ACS as Research and Development Manager where he led a team of 12 programmers that successfully created a dynamically generated Graphical User Interface for several high end accounting and manufacturing applications (currently still in use by GM and The International Longshoremen's Association, AFL‐CIO).As the project came to fruition, Mr.Narula began his independent consulting career providing on demand technical support and project management for premier multi-million dollar companies located in Chester, Montgomery, Berks and Philadelphia counties, and a few clients at his winter home in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. During his career, Neeraj expanded the business for several years to include a cabling division which also provided support for telephone and alarm systems, but found no enjoyment in managing engineers, technicians, payroll, marketing, and the partnership that came along with the employees. After a few years, he went back to solo consulting, keeping everyone in his original customer base. As the economy crashed, Mr. Narula continues to provide cutting edge solutions to increase productivity and profitability for his clients. Even though the economy was struggling, everything was going just fine until he read The White Paper.In 2011 after his introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain, Mr.Narula wound down his consulting practice and retired as a Business Technology Consultant and Network Engineer. From having had access to several large investment firms through his consulting years gave a unique perspective to trading digital currencies, which he does to this day. Having spent several years mining, investing, researching, and working with just about every major digital currency in the cryptocurrency space, N.K.Narula is ready to share his wealth of information and assist everyone during the upcoming wealth transfer from the fiat currency system (which historically has failed 100% of the time since inception) to digital currencies which are not fractionally reserved. So... Welcome aboard, let’s buckle down and do the research, we’ve done our homework here and are ready to roll. Get yourself up so speed on how the fiat system works and how cryptocurrencies are poised to replace the fiat system at a very rapid rate. Once you’re ready, get in touch. We're going to do great things.
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