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The firm’s goal is to deliver enhanced returns and capital preservation through application of our intellectual and financial capital. We do not speculate and are exposed to minimal risk while achieving excellent investment returns due to our unique investing approach. If you are risk-averse but also want the high returns associated with this industry, this fund is for you.

The primary investment concepts of our firm are as follows:

                                                      Macroeconomic / Top-Down Investing
We approach investing from a macroeconomic perspective and consider the world markets before making our decisions. Movement in the commodities, currencies and equities markets affect cryptocurrencies and we analyse these market conditions to make investment decisions.

                                                                         Event Driven
Our investments are mostly event driven. We get behind the most relevant news and events affecting our investments and use these events as a catalyst to carry our investments into large gains.

                                                                        Intrinsic Value
We do not speculate or invest in “fads”. Our investments will have massive future potential as a viable solution to consumers and businesses.

                                                                     Sentiment Analysis
Ultimately, it is the buying and selling of assets which determine their final prices. Fundamental and technical analysis supports our decision making but we strictly only invest when we understand the sentiment of the market.


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