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Poseidon Performance Fund by N.K.Narula


Long term buy and hold fund for a buy low, sell high, on solid projects strategy. I do all the homework leaving no stone unturned. Invitation Only.


    Image Prometheus Performance Fund by N.K.Narula This will be an aggressive growth fund with all the…
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    2 comments on “Poseidon Performance Fund by N.K.Narula”

    1. DeadlyEskimo February 15, 2017

      Are there any social media links so people can follow the funds?

    2. Profile photo of nknarula
      nknarula February 15, 2017

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Currently there is no public access to the fund.

      Access is strictly invitation until this platform has been sufficiently vetted over the next 18 to 24 months. We work with high risk, high net worth investors, not located in the United States, that understand the risk associated with new technologies.

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